Question : SSIS SQL Server 2005 null values

I am importing an excel spread sheet in to a table thru ssis.  I want to rid of the null values. I was wondering if this is better to do thru ssis and a derived column or should I handle this on the Database SQL server side with an isnull in the default value, if that can even be done. ? mahalo

Answer : SSIS SQL Server 2005 null values

The approach I would take is to create a step in the SSIS Package that will import the data into a staging table that has all of the columns defined as VarChar datatypes that are big enough to handle whateer comes in.  Then, once the data is in that staging table, you can more easily manipulate it to scrub it for inputting into the final, target table.  Among other things, you may want to ensure that dates are valid.
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