Question : Gridview delete

When I click the delete button in my gridview, and the record has foreign keys in other tables and they have records, I get the “cant delete error” message. Is it possible to catch this error and display a msgbox explaining the relationship?  If so, where and how can I catch this?

If not, is the best solution is check if the foreign key exists in other tables by invoking tsql on the RowDeleting function and IF exist Rowdeleting.Cancel so no error is presented?

Answer : Gridview delete

The smaller PCI-E work in the larger ones, just make sure it fits..small factor or large facor on the machine.  In the bios you should be able to tell what device you can boot from and the card has its own bios.  

I would actually recommend using the QNAP with NFS if you can, this way you can add additional ESX hosts to the same NFS share or iSCSI LUN and get the VMs running incase the host itself dies.
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