Question : Access 2010 Query Function/Calculation

Hi there. I would expect that what I am trying to do should be relatively easy but it is eluding me.
I would like to determine several new fields/exressions in a query based on a date/time field that is supplied.
I thought the easiest was to explain it was in the attached spreadsheet. The comments in the empty cells explain the results that I am trying to achieve.
I would prefer to do this without code if possible so that I can more easily recreate it. I'd also be interested in a code-base solution for learning purposes.
Thank you for any help!

Answer : Access 2010 Query Function/Calculation

You may be talking about using GridLayout instead of FlowLayout
This article explains the difference and how to switch your project:

However, the article points out that FlowLayout is NOT the default, so I'm wondering if you perhaps changed it at some point?
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