Question : Caseware version 3.1. old Dos accounting software

I have an old Dos Program  Caseware version 3.1.
Issue is the .pif file to load the data is not being able to load .have tried to point it to the directory that holds the .exe for the .pif ,but still does not run the program successfully. Also do not have the orignial installation Media .
Any insight to this would be greatly appreciated.

Answer : Caseware version 3.1. old Dos accounting software

>> If I specifiy row.Cells(8).Value = DateTime.Now.Date  it only puts a date in the grid col not the control.

This means index 8 column is not a calendarcolumn. Presuming you have copied the classes from the msdn sample (as mentioned above by Ratuz),

to replace your existing column with a new calendar column, try the below code:


CalendarColumn calenderColumn1 = new CalendarColumn();
dataGridView1.Columns.Insert(8, calenderColumn1);


CalendarColumn calenderColumn2 = new CalendarColumn();
dataGridView1.Columns.Insert(9, calenderColumn2);

Then call your code
Dim row As DataGridViewRow
        For Each row In Me.grdStockItems.Rows
            row.Cells(8).Value = DateTime.Now
            row.Cells(9).Value = DateTime.Now
        Next row

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