Question : MSDN license: can users perform UAT

If I have an MSDN license, which I use for SQL, can regular users connect to the SQL DB's with the test applications to confirm everything is working okay (UAT). The data is old copy of production that I modify for new features / functions ETC on the application. The UAT Application is on a licensed Citrix server, as are all the apps they use IE Office.

If the SQL, in this case 2005, is hosted on a Windows 2003 R2 what licences do the users requires? Windows CAL / SQL CAL or none at all?

I always undestood MSDN and UAT as; "MSDN licenses are not required for user acceptance testing or stress testing, provided that that the testers will not be doing any debugging, configuration, or maintenance".

Answer : MSDN license: can users perform UAT

The link points to a user opinion/comment.

[When software development projects are nearing completion, an MSDN Subscription license also allows your end users to access the software to perform acceptance tests on your programs.]

Testers in a software team will not be able to perform testing, because they are not END USERS.
But if you are developing in-house and you have an MSDN license and you are at the very end of development, then you can get the regular (end) users to test it for acceptance.
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