Question : Push not working on iphone with Exchange 2010...

I had this server setup in a test environment and everything was working with the iphone but now that I have a new server in production it's all working but push does not work on the iphone to get it as soon as it comes in.

I've tried deleting and re-adding the account
restarting the iphone
activesync is enabled

However, when I go to the shell and test I get two errors....

RunspaceId : ad041ae4-1e3e-4095-a5aa-fa32cf4126d2
Id         : 1113
Type       : Error
Message    : When contacting received the error The request failed wit
             h HTTP status 401: Unauthorized.

RunspaceId : ad041ae4-1e3e-4095-a5aa-fa32cf4126d2
Id         : 1125
Type       : Error
Message    : [Server] Error contacting the AS service at Elapsed time
              was 46 milliseconds.

Can anyone give me some pointers about how to resolve those errors since I figure it has something to do with push not working anymore....

Answer : Push not working on iphone with Exchange 2010...

Is your Exchange 2010 server a server using migrated accounts?

If so, please read my article about the possible reason why Activesync does not work:

Have you also installed a 3rd party SSL (SAN / UCC) certificate?

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