Question : Server 2008 NLB problem

Hey guys-

Having an issue setting up NLB in 2k8 for a couple of CAS servers.  This is in VMware.

I seem to only be able to set it up with 2 NICs per node, in unicast mode.  IP Forwarding is turned on on each NLB nic.  I get constant pings to the cluster IP from a different subnet.  

Here is the issue:

I can always connect to the OWA website when connecting directly to the node IPs.  When both nodes are up, I can connect to OWA through the cluster IP as well.  When I stop node 1, I am no longer able to connect to OWA through the cluster IP, but I CAN still connect when i use the node's direct IP.

If i start node 1, then stop node 2, I can still connect through the cluster IP.

I seem to be totally unable to use multicast or multicast IGMP- not sure why.  Also, I have had many problems connecting and/or pinging from a different subnet than the cluster, but that was all solved when I changed the NIC Advanced settings\Locally  Administered Address to 'Not Present'.  That seems to be the overriding solution to the Unable to Access From Different Subnet Issue.

Anyone have any ideas why one node likes the cluster and one doesnt?

Many thanks-

Answer : Server 2008 NLB problem

this is strange since multicast shouldnot work with other vlans, can you disable IP forwarding and try again.
also make sure that in IIS you have the virtual IP assigned in the listener
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