Question : Loosing current view settings on inbox after upgrading to Outlook 2007

We have a couple people that after upgrading from Office 2003 - to office 2007 , they are loosing the heading titles in their in box.  When they open their inbox or any folders below that , they only see the heading size, where they should be seeing to, from, subject , date  ect ....
We are running exchange 2000 in a server 2000 environment.  We deployed the update through group policy , and its only an isolated group (4) of people that are havign this issue.  We can fix it by going into view -->customize current view --> reset current view but we had to do it for each folder, there wasnt an apply all option.  Not sure what is causing this to happen, it seems to be only happening on the people that have admin's manage their calendars / inbox's ... but none of the admins have a clue how to delete those views ... so i dont think it was done by error ..

Answer : Loosing current view settings on inbox after upgrading to Outlook 2007

Very Honestly speaking Now since you have upgraded from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007, but you forgot the server side. There are many broken functionalities when outlook 2007 connects to Exchange 2000.

Even Microsoft is ending server 2000 and exchange 2000 support by July 13.

I suppose the best would be to upgrde the exchange server which will sort out all the issues.

Because you will face the DST issues as well when the DST period ends. Not only this but even the Free/ Busy issue will alays come.

My suggestion would be to go for Exchnage 2010 if you are looking for upgrade.

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