Question : MS Access Data Import

I am importing data in a spreadsheet into a MS Access database.  The spreadsheet needs some processing before I can import it.  I need to remove any row that contains text in column A in the first sheet (numbers are the primary key and need to be imported).  The element concentrations need to be divided by 1000 as do the standard deviations.  I am wondering how I could automate this process?  Would it be best to use VBA in excel or something else.  I do need to save as a text file before importing into MS Access to avoid scientific notation.  Sample file attached.

Many thanks, Runnuger
Sample spreadsheet for MS Access import

Answer : MS Access Data Import

I think I noticed something interesting. The MS System Attendant is not started on the Exchange box. I started it and now Outlook seems ok. Still testing. Stand by.
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