Question : PHP calling URL (which domain got me here?)   PATH_INFO?

I have the case where a single hosting account (LAMP)  needs to vary the contents depending on which URL was used.  The client wants to have a subordinate "site" (unbranded)  that his resellers can use, and it would display certain sections with different content substituted.

I need to know what is the best method to use (perhaps  PATH_INFO?  PATH_TRANSLATED?) in IF statements to know how to steer the content selection.

This steering would be coded to affect ALL aspects of menus,etc. in order to "insulate" the reseller site version to show no hint (even in subsequent browsed URLs in the browser's address bar).

Any advice would be helpful for the top-level aspects.  (I'm fine once past the IF statement)


Answer : PHP calling URL (which domain got me here?)   PATH_INFO?

The variable $PHP_SELF  will have the path+filename in it or you can use $_SERVER["SCRIPT_URI"], $_SERVER["SCRIPT_URL"], and many other built in variables to find out what url / file system path was called.

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