Question : SBS server 2003 VPN connection

Hi all
I have an SBS server 2003
I have set it up to accept VPN connections

I can connect to this remotely and it works perfect

When I try to connect through  a second VPN with  a second laptop I get an error saying that there is already a connection

Is there a way to set up more than one connection at a time

I am connecting to an SBS server 2003 standard edition


Answer : SBS server 2003 VPN connection

PPTP Uses the source IP of the connection to track multiple connections.  If you are behind NAT firewall, you will only be able to connect one machine from that public IP at any given time.

If you are coming from two different IPs, check the Routing and Remote Access server settings to ensure you have set it up for more than 1 connection.

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