Question : Creating a Linux ready CD-R style boot disc ...

So, my goal would be to have this solution:

A CD-R style 'bootable' Linux (CentOS) type of boot disc (very similar to a LIVE CD setup) ... but the disc needs its focus and attention in non X type of activities.

Here is what I would like the boot disc to do ....
1.  Allow a non skilled IT type person to put the disc into a CD-R drive, and reboot the PC (or power on the PC) ... and have it boot up via the CD-R boot disc (assuming the BIOS settings are correct, etc).

2.  The boot disc would start in run level 3 and auto login as root.

3.  A script would run after login which would 'draw' a text like 'box' on the screen with the local IP information inside of this ASCII box (basically a cleaned up version of ifconfig).
NOTE:  The end user would have me on the phone, and he could simply 'read off to me' what the information states inside the 'box'.

4.  Depending on sub-variables of the answer and/or the network configuration, I would like to have another script like process which the end user would type in a simple command like network-reconfig ... and they would be prompted with questions like:

Enter new IP address
Enter new Subnet Mask
Enter new default gateway

The actual questions could very, but I think you get my point.

5.  Basically, in a very short order, a non technical person could re-boot a PC via the boot disc, tell me the network information, and/or change the configuration to what I give them by following the script, and then I should/could/might be able to SSH into the box via the Internet.  

From this point, I could re-format the hard drive, install my OS, re-configure the files on the hard drive, and/or I would have control over the machine.

Can you offer me your opinions and/or suggestions on how do-able this is?

Thanks in advance

Answer : Creating a Linux ready CD-R style boot disc ...

have you looked at the livecd-tools package?

I use the tools to create a live CD that I can use to install a TSM client on for recoveries.

1/ that would be down the skills of the non skilled person and nothing to do with what was on the CD :-)

2/ this can be customised in the live cd tools using a kickstart file to create the options for you.

3,4/ you would have to write it, perhaps using `dialog` and that may well be a whole question in itself.

5/ you would certainly be able to ssh onto the system, reinstalling an O/S depends on how you want/need to do that.
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