Question : internal mail routing from Exchange 2010 to Mdeamon / MM SMTP on same domain

HI  I have a question how to achive this
i have got exchange 2010 installed on my main domain , , I have mailserver  pop and smtp  Mdeamon which client recieve e-mails.
I want to migrate users 10 at a time and keep Mdeamon operational till we finish migration
How do i configure exchange 2010 to forward or relay mail to Mdeamon is it cant find mailbox in exchange 2010 , these are on same domain and not a deferent domains,
so when i send e-mail to [email protected] which is in mdeamon so exchange 2010 should forward that to mdeamon , I have  Mailmashal SMTP also running If i can ask exhcange 2010 to forward internal mails to MM smtp should be ok as well.. can somone please help .

thank you


Answer : internal mail routing from Exchange 2010 to Mdeamon / MM SMTP on same domain

So, do you have another RAID array in this system?  If not, then I'm not sure where you were hoping Dell would put the system partition.  It is not a recommended practice on Dell controllers to have multiple arrays across the same set of disks, so they would not have done it any other way - it would be just as ordered.

That said, you cannot expand a RAID array on a PERC controller in that manner (adding larger disks one at a time).  The only way of "expanding" the size of a Virtual Disk, is to add drives to the configuration, for example, you would reconfigure your 4-disk RAID 10 to a 6-disk RAID 10.

Once you have created a larger Virtual Disk, then it is a matter of making you partitions bigger.  To do that, you will need a utility that can handle the job.  There are "pay" utilities, like Acronis Disk Manager, that can resize partitions while keeping data intact.  There are some "free" utilities, but most of them can only extend C into Unpartitioned Space, meaning you will need to backup your data partition(s), delete them, extend C, recreate data partition(s), then restore.  You can use Dell's ExtPart or a Server 2008/Server 2008 R2 DVD to do this.

Whatever you do, make sure you have a backup before attempting any resizing, as there is no risk-free way to resize a system partition in 2003.
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