Question : How do I Tether the iPhone 4 with Vista?

I did a seach in the knowledgebase for this with zero returns. Does anyone know the steps to setting up Vista to tether to the iphone 4? The new iPhone 4 allows for tethering, and I am on the ATA&T plan that includes it. I've turned the feature on in the iPhone, however I am unable to get Vista to recognize it. I have to use the USB cable rather than Bluetooth because my company laptop does not have Bluetooth capability. I have Administrator access to the laptop.

Answer : How do I Tether the iPhone 4 with Vista?

Simple Tethering iPhone
- Install new itunes
- Connect your iPhone TO PC using usb cable
- Launch the Settings app on your iPhone and go to General and then Network while your iPhone is still tethered to your computer.
- Locate "Internet Tethering" and turn it on
-Your iPhone will display a blue background banner on different screens to indicate that tethering is active and running .
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