Question : Large .LDF file

Good afternoon everyone! I have noticed that one of our hard drive is filling up and so I looked around to see which folder is taking up most of the space. Well it isnt a folder but a file.

We have SQL installed on one of our servers and the .LDF file is about 44 gb. Is there anyway to bring this down? OR prevent it from growing anymore? If this continues, we will have to get a bigger hard drive. I was not the orignal person who set up the server, he has left our company a few weeks ago so this is all new to me.

Take into consideration that I have NEVER worked with SQL. Please give me step by step instruction on how to do so (is possible). I believe we are running SQL 2000.

Thank you for your time!

Answer : Large .LDF file

Your log file is growing because all the transactions made on that sql database are note commited into the main file (db.mdf).
As a first thing to do to trouble shoot this i recommend that you make a full backup of the database and that will commit all the transaction to the main file.
Then, you have several ways too keep under control the size of your log file (ldf). One is to schedule a regular backup of your log file. Another is to change the database model to simple instead of full, and that will keep commiting the completed transactions to the main file.
Addionally you need to shrink the log file to reduce it size.
You can find all this procedures in the sql help assistant.
If you have any doubt ask here again :)
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