Question : wpf

Hi Expert,
I download a wpf program from website. In the solution, there is one
project and three XAML:X1,X2,X3. When I run the preogram, it always
starts with X1. How can I make starting with X2 or X3?


Answer : wpf

No, if you want to remove the IP of a printer, you need to connect to that printer's print-server or management utility, and then remove the IP from there.

IP conflicts often occur through other issues, like if you have setup a port on a managed switch to 100MB/Full Duplex and the corresponding NIC of the connected PC is set to something else. Usually the two will still talk to each other but with errors. Normally the best thing is to use the default "Auto/Auto" on both sides. I've also seen issues caused by having too many network protocols installed on PC's (most of which aren't required, like IPX or similar).

The other thing you must be sure of is that there is only one active DHCP server present on your LAN.
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