Question : iPhone 4.0 ActiveSync

Possible bug in iPhone 4.0 update?

Running Exchange 2007 on Win2008 Server (very small enterprise)

After the iPhone 4.0 update we had the following symptoms:
Local Outlook clients were updating very slowly (several hours)
Processor usage on the Exchange server was up significantly
Many MSExchange ActiveSync 1008 errors in the log - about every 30sec

Temporary solution was to remove the ActiveSync partnership in EMS and recreate it...also turned off push on the iPhone and set it to retrieve every 15 minutes

Now the Outlook clients behave normally, but processor usage is still higher than normal and as expected - a 1008 error every few minutes.

Has anyone else seen this and is there a solution?


Answer : iPhone 4.0 ActiveSync

I believe I've found a solution....
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