Question : ASP VBScript redirect not working

I have the following code to redirect to another page when two conditions are met.

One is the recordset "Questionnaire" IS NOT Empty AND also recordset "User" IS Empty

But for some reason even when both conditions are met the page won't redirect ... any problem with syntax ?  I dont get any errors, it simply doesnt do it.

' UltraSuite_Productivity_103:  Redirect or Transfer if Recordset is empty
If ( NOT Questionnaire.EOF And Questionnaire.BOF) AND (User.EOF And User.BOF) Then

Server.Transfer("../Questionnaire/questionnairesessionsloginexisting.asp?QnrUserId=" & Session("Userid") & "&Firmid=" & Questionnaire.Fields.Item("FirmId").Value & "&AttyId=" & Questionnaire.Fields.Item("SentBy").Value & "&QnrId=" & Questionnaire.Fields.Item("Id").Value & "&QnrprocessId=" & Questionnaire.Fields.Item("Processtypeid").Value & "&AddressId=1&qnrcurrentuser=1")

End If

Answer : ASP VBScript redirect not working

you said that you haven't any problem in migrating your DTS packages to SSIS now.
OK. so let's go on DTS vs SSIS, and what you will loose without SSIS, this can help you:

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