Question : Asterisk - How to detect / trigger using Asterisk Manager API

I would like to include in my program the ability to display the incoming calls. Each extension is associated with a particular computer/desktop, and when a call comes in for extension 218, I like my program to display the Caller ID.  I would need a little help to understnad the concept of How To, and also an example

I can place calls and that part is working with success but this part I can't work out. (Using Elastix / Asterisk)



Answer : Asterisk - How to detect / trigger using Asterisk Manager API

Are you placing calls through the manager interface?

You just have to watch the events coming from the Asterisk box.  It is in all sent in plain text via a TCP connection and is pretty 'human friendly' to read.  So you just need to parse the activity to get in specific information you want.  

Here's a link to what many of the events look like,

Just off the top you are likely going to be looking for callerID information from a newchannel event - fired when a call comes in.  Then watching for the internal extension that it gets connected to for the callerID to display.

If you can relay some more information about what you have tried I'm sure we can get you up to speed easily.
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