Question : Hung Login Processing 'Printers' Group Policy on Win2K8 Std running in ESXi 4.x

I've got a Dell PowerEdge T110 server that I installed VMWare's ESXi 4.x U1 to an 'jump drive' plugged into an internal USB port.

I then installed our Win 2008 Server 'Standard' from our SBS 2008 Premium license on the 'datastore' (internal SATA drive on the server).

I successfully added the server to our SBS 2008 AD domain but whenever I try to login to this new server, the login hangs (for several hours) while processing the 'Applying Group Policy Printers policy...'.

I have to 'reset' the console/session and restart the session/server and 'try again' and sometimes am able to login w/o it hanging again while processing the 'printers' group policy.

Anyone else seen this? ..workarounds/fixes?

Many thanks!


Answer : Hung Login Processing 'Printers' Group Policy on Win2K8 Std running in ESXi 4.x

I'd suggest excluding your login from group policy firstly when you are able to login which should hopefully stop it getting stuck then add another test login and try to match the login you have been using in terms of group policies and run Resultant Set of Policies on it and see if you can find any problems with the printers it's trying to set.

Are you getting any errors in the event log regarding this?
Are you logging into the server via RDP/VNC or VMware console? If you're using RDP then check event viewer logs on your server as well since it's probably trying to map your client printer to the RDP session.
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