Question : Public Folder replication or moving not working after SBS 2008 migration


I'm in the process of migrating an SBS 2003 over to a new server running SBS2008 this weekend. I have followed the recommended steps in the MS Migration doc but the public folders don't seem to be migrating over.

I have both tried right clicking the store on the old server & selecting move all replicas and also tried the moveallreplicas script on the new server neither of which seem to be doing anything. The folders have disappeared from the old side though as if it has worked but they dont actually arrive on the new server!

The client only has about 4 folders that they have made themselves and the largest shows as 1.1MB so we're not talking about a lot of data here.

The weird thing is we don't get much in the way of errors. In fact nothing in the event logs at all from what I can see. The only error I can get is if I go into public folder management on the new server and right click a folder > update content I get an error (attached) that I think basically states that no replicas are available.

Lots of screenshots attached. Notice that the archive folder seems to be a bit intermittent as to where it appears! It's empty so i'm not too bothered about that.

Any thoughts? I do have an export of the main public folders that I could just6 bring into new folders but it would be nice to get this working as i'm not sure if it will give me errors when I demote & remote the old server.

Many thanks

Stephan Torcy

New Server - Public Folder Instance
New Server - Public Folders
New Server - Replication Status
New Server - Update Content Error
Old Server - Public Folder Instance
Old Server - Public Folders
Old Server - Replication Status

Answer : Public Folder replication or moving not working after SBS 2008 migration

If you've followed both articles and everything seems good, I think .pst's are probably going to be the quickest, otherwise you are likely headed for a MS support call to get this to replicate.  If you are getting close to the 21 day migration mark, you need to get this done quickly
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