Question : Symantec Endpoint  Network Problems


Need some help with network issues using Symantec Endpoint 11.0.  Ever since I loaded it on my SBS 2003, it has caused network connection issues.  Strangely enough the network issues start in the afternoon and continue through the reminder of the work day.  I have looked in the program and changes the Liveupdate distribution time.  Does anyone know what else I can do.  I did find a document on Symantec website about upgradeing to the next version of the Endpoint program that was suppose to solve the network connection issues, but it didn't work.  The document I found is at      I have disabled all symatec services and the problem goes away so I know that Symantec is the issue.

Thanks in Advance

Answer : Symantec Endpoint  Network Problems

ok...just checking...>GRIN<!

I truly believe one of the components isn't configured properly.  Either from the server perspective or the workstation perspective.

What we do is leave all the default policies: Antivirus and Antispyware, Live Update, Intrusion Prevention, Application and Device, & Firewall.  Then we leave enabled and configure the original default policies found in SAV: Antivirus/Antispyware and Live Update.  The other policies we completely disable.  We then setup the installation client to install all the components and the policies disable or enable per our configurations.  If we need these other components later, then we just merely enable them.

The level of complexity that SEP has added is so great.  We just want to protect our clients against malicious software.  Once we understand better the other components, then I'm sure we'll employ those at a later time.

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