Question : BOOTMGR is missing

I have a netbook running Windows 7 Starter that I am trying to image using imagex.  When booted in Windows you have a C: and D: drive.  When you boot into WinPE the C: drive it appears empty and the OS files are on D:.  I took an image of D: then cleaned the drive using diskpart and created a new primary partition and made it active assigning it the C: drive.  When I throw the image back now on C: I get the error:
"BOOTMGR is missing"    
On a different machine I ran BCDEDIT and it looks like there is a separate partition for the BOOTMGR.  
How do image around that using imagex when imagex only images partitions?  Can I move the BOOTMGR to the C: drive then take an image?

Answer : BOOTMGR is missing

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