Question : Mapping H drive

I have a NAS that is storing the H drive for users.  I just installed the first Windows 7 machine into the network.  The users home drive is not mapping for them though.  The NAS we have the home folders stored on does not allow for sharing sub folders off of the root so I had to create a share for each user, then a "Home" folder for the H drive files are stored.  I am guessing there is some issue that Windows 7 is having with mapping to this, as other users running xp do not have the issue.  In the AD Profile it has for the XP users \\nas\user\home.  I tried this with the Windows 7 computer and it does not map.  I changed it to map in a login script net use H: \home and it maps the root of the users folder, not the home folder inside of it.

Answer : Mapping H drive

Your SQL habits could use some improvement.  ;-)

You probably need to stop trying to use the column number in your ORDER BY clause and, instead of using the 4 use CD_WELLBORE_FORMATION.update_date (or whichever column name you are wanting to actually order by).

Also, look at the following:

dbo_CD_DATUM.well_id + dbo_CD_DATUM.datum_id

If those are character strings, then you need to use an ampersand (&) to concatenate them plus you probably want to wrap that in parenthesis:

OR (dbo_CD_DATUM.well_id + dbo_CD_DATUM.datum_id) IN ('03q2DecAl4nlEgX',
... , 'ZILDpIPYMHfWqVj')

You might want to put an alias on the following line:

dbo_CD_WELLBORE_FORMATION.prognosed_md + NZ(dbo_CD_DATUM.datum_elevation, 0),

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