Question : Mounting NFS NAS in ESX 3

I am testing ESX 3 (Not using ESXi 4 due to not having a 64 bit server). It is up and running and everyting seems to be fine. I have a Western Digital 4TB NAS that wanted to use as a datastore. The NAS has NFS and it is running and allowing connection from the correct IP's. ESX server IP is

On the ESX server I ran

esxcfg-firewall -e nfsClient
service portmap start
server nfs start.

I verified that the services are running. I then make a directory in /mnt called nas. (/mnt/nas) I use

mount -t smbfs // /mnt/nas

It mounts successfully. I can access it and create folders. I then go in the VMware Infrastructure Client and add the VMKernal in the Networking with an IP of I can ping and I can VMKPing from the ESX server as well. All seems to be fine.

I then go into the Storage configuration, click Add Storage, choose 'Network File System", put as the server and /mnt/nas as the folder. Give it a name, NAS_Stor then click next. It sits for awhile saying in progress, then gives me an error...

Error during configuration of the host: NFS Error: Unable to Mount Filesyatem: Unable to connect to NFS server.

I am completely new to this....any suggestions????


Answer : Mounting NFS NAS in ESX 3

One more thing.  You may need to setup ACL on NFS mount to allow the vmkernel IP to mount to it.
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