Question : Sending email from shared mailboxes in Outlook

We have just migrated to Exchange 2007 and Outlook 2007.
We have a fair few clients using shared mailboxes. These shared mailboxes are used for inbound and outbound mail.
However in Outlook if you reply to an email sent to a shared mailbox, it will record the sent email in the sent items folder of your (primary account) mailbox and not the sent items folder of the shared mailbox.
This means someone else looking at the shared mailbox cannot see if an item has been repsonded too.
What we need is some way for emails sent from a shared mailbox to be stored in the sent items of the shared mailbox.

BTW: I know of two products that do this successfully: 1.Lucatec Mask, and 2. Unisent.
However both of these are quite expensive for the outcome they provide.

We have a mixed Terminal Server/Desktop infrastructure and the licencing requirements of the above products isnt friendly to this. We only have a bout 25 users that need this functionallity.

Any help appreciated.


Answer : Sending email from shared mailboxes in Outlook

@duraswitch:  Have you looked at upgrading your clients to Outlook 2010?  It allows two Exchange mailboxes to be configured.

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