Question : Logical Drive Corrupted. Server repair says its not formatted

A server went down that had raid 5 and said 2 drives were degraded. We did a consistancy check and the server said the drives were fine, rebooting we rebooted to dos recovery mode and it gave us access to a c drive but the c drive wouldn't boot by itself. Got an error on a file. So we ran chkdisk which found no errors, rebooted and partition is gone.  Employee said logical drive was gone off the controller so he recreated it. now server 2003 setup says its not formatted. Any hope of recovering data that was on this RAID before we start over?

Answer : Logical Drive Corrupted. Server repair says its not formatted

Since this potentially involves logical and physical damage, then you need a tier-1 like ontrack.   In a RAID config, OnTrack usually charges $1000/disk to start, so don't to into this with expectations that it will be inexpensive.  Also don't expect 99% or better recovery unless  you got lucky and the controller just dropped disks and the person that reconfigured the array used the same stripe size and drive ordering.  If that is the case, then it should cost much less. If, however, the stripe size was different, then you will have massive data loss unless the first disk that failed can be fully recovered, and you did not run in degraded mode for more than a fraction of a second.

I do recovery as well, but only in situations where the hardware is healthy.  If you want to take it offline, look at my profile to contact me.  To assess the situation, I would want to see raw binary dumps of the first few MB of each physical disk to see what the re-striping did to the data.  If, however, 2 of the disks really did fail, then don't bother, and go to ontrak, and be prepared for something in the $10000 range.
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