Question : Mac OS X 10.6.3 Can't logon to Active directory

Hello, we're trying to introduce a Mac into our Active directory domain and it's not working out too well so far.

It seems to bind just fine via System/Library/CoreServices/DirectoryUtility. Active Directory is checked, the settings allow me to bind.

Under SystemPreferences/Accounts/Login Options, the Network Account Server is green, and clicking edit shows mydomain.local also green.

At the logon prompt, clicking under the Mac OSX logo it shows "networks available" and it's green.

BUT, when I try and login with an Active Directory user, the logon screen just shakes.

I've tried setting the "create mobile account", recreating users etc. etc.

I've searched high and low and it seems that this is a big problem for some, and works fine for others. It seems that it's probably something simple that I'm missing.

Has anyone seen this?

Answer : Mac OS X 10.6.3 Can't logon to Active directory

Listen up, to join 10.6.3 to Active Directory please follow:

- Create Host record in your DNS for the client computer (10.6.3)
- Check time settings on both DC and 10.6.3 computer
- From Directory Utilities (System Preferences/Accounts/Login Options)/Directory Utility
- Double click (Active Directory) - type the DC name ( and in computer ID, type the same host record name you have just created in your DNS
- Then Bind and enter (Domain Admin username & password)

Log off and restart then log on with a domain account ([email protected])

it shall you, and to troubleshoot the process, open terminal on your Mac 10.6.3 and type: sudo -s
then type password as requested (password of your local Mac)

then type: DSCL and enter
then type: LS and enter

you'll see the passes came from Active Directory to make sure that you are successfully published to AD

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