Question : Ex2010 - Move Mailbox Failed - Corrupt Messages

I am moving around 1500 mailboxes from 2003 to 2010 exchange, I am only doing a few at a time first off but already I am getting many 'Move Mailbox Failed - Number of Corrupt Messages exceeded.'

What can I do to find out how many corrupt messages I am looking at?
Can I clean them or something?
What to do to get the move request to complete?

NB: They are all important mailboxes, I can not just recreate as blank on the new server.
What is the default number of corrupt messages until the move request fails.

Answer : Ex2010 - Move Mailbox Failed - Corrupt Messages

Those corrupt messages/items will not be viewable in outkook so the user is unlikely to miss them.

You cannot move corrupt items so you either chose to skip them or don't move the
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