Question : Login to SSRS as andmistrator rather than anonymous user.

In my current configuration of Reporting Services 2005, I have a need to let all employees in the organization login to the app by enabling anonymous login in the reports and reportserver IIS sites.  Anonymous logins will only have Borwser capablitly on the site.
My question is:  How can I login to the Report Manager to perform administrative operations (i.e. upload reports, change settings, etc.), when everytime I hit the site it log me in as anonymous?
My only work around is to temporarily disable anonymous access while I do my admin stuff, but I can't do that once the site goes into production.  Thanks

Answer : Login to SSRS as andmistrator rather than anonymous user.

You should be able to simply grant "Browser" permission to "Everyone" for those objects (folders, reports, etc.) that you wish to be public. Don't change the SSRS virtual root properties in IIS. I don't think I have ever done this in production, but I have often done it on test servers when I didn't want to take time to set up security and I don't recall having any problems with it.
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