Question : Destroy a process (exe) from website

I implemented what is described on the related question.

During the applet operation, the exe process is working on client.
When the user clicks on the STOP button on Applet, the action is:


But when user navigates to another page, the process still running on client machine.

So, how I can avoid this behavior?

If the user tries to change to another page or close the browser, a warning message should appears and, even the user decides to exit the page (change or close) without clicking on STOP button, how can I destroy the process?
I don't if I could pass some parameters through Javascript to applet when the applet is already running.

The Applet is signer, deployed with JNLP and is hosted on IIS 7.
The webpage with Applet is - C# - Framework 3.5

Thanks in advance!

Answer : Destroy a process (exe) from website

Scratch all of the above, I just realised XslTransform is deprecated.
Replacing it exactly with XslCompiledTransform did the trick and it seems to work now and open in the target application.
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