Question : Question about Spring HTML Email

Still a question about Spring HTML Email
I used SimpleMailMessage in Spring to send out the email. What I did was:
str = "<HTML><head></head><body>...<a href=">link</a></body></HTML>"
then in the simpleMailMessage class emailEngine:

After send(), I got the email, but the body is exactly the same as str listed above (all text message), it's not really HTML mail.

So my question is, is it possible to send HTML email (no inline resources, no attached pictures) using SimpleMailMessage? What's the quickest solution to get HTML mail? Thanks a lot.

Answer : Question about Spring HTML Email

First of all. Copy one VM virtual disk files (so we keep the originals just in case). Move that to a different folder, and yes, create a new VM, and set it to use those files. It will most probably work, and it's worth the try. You don`t loose anything but time. If not, you will need to go the hard way...
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