Question : Another way of coding this

I have this code in OnPreRender event. I tried IF statement but it didnt work. Below works for ONE value but when I add the other 2 lines, of course, it only takes the value of 3rd line.

Not sure why IF statement didnt work. Maybe because it's onPreRender event. How can I write this WITHOUT using IF?

         btnNA.Visible = mvApplication.ActiveViewIndex == 1; //this works but i need all 3 values
        btnNA.Visible = mvApplication.ActiveViewIndex == 2;
        btnNA.Visible = mvApplication.ActiveViewIndex == 3;

Answer : Another way of coding this

What do you want? Do you want to make it visible if it's one of those ActiveViewIndex'?

Because if so do this:
btnNA.Visible = (mvApplication.ActiveViewIndex >= 1 && mvApplication.ActiveViewIndex <= 3);
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