Question : Move mailbox to new Server


I have been assigned the task to move our mailbox stores from one server to another as our current server is on the brink of impending death.  I am trying to move one mailbox (mine) to make sure it works before I move the whole store.

Using the Active Directory I can "successfully" move my mailbox to the new server, but when I open Outlook (2007) I cannot receive e-mails although I can send them.  When anyone tries to send an internal e-mail to the account a "system undeliverable" message appears. External e-mails also do not arrive.

All the FSMO roles have been established on the new server and it appears to be working except that I cannot receive e-mails.  Thank you very much!

Answer : Move mailbox to new Server

OK so if MAIL2 is a DC and there is no NETLOGON folder there a big problem!
As there is no mailboxes on the server, I recommand that you try to depromote MAIL2 then remove .Exchange. Then repromote MAIL2 as a DC. Check if everithng is fine and only after reinstall Exchange
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