Question : ESX and VM Vlan question

We are running ESX on an R710 with 4 nic ports and two virtual servers within it.

We want to asign one server to VLAN 1 and another to VLAN 2 on the actuall switch. Only problem is their is room for 1 VLAN only because all our NICs are already being used. Here is the brerakdown.

vmNIC 0 is for the management port (1 physical nic)
vmNIC 1 is for the virtual machines (1 physical nic)
vmNIC 2&3 is for the iSCSI Network (2 physical nics)

So you can see we have no more physical nics left to assing one of these virtual machines to a different VLAN

Any ideas? I created a virtual switch but we obviously have no physical nics to attach to it. When I tried adding the existing virtual machien nic to it, it warned me that the VMs will be moved to it. A little confusing but how will I get this other server on a different VLAN?

Answer : ESX and VM Vlan question

a) phisical switch side it is a property of the switch.
b) vmware side is is enabled just putting the vlan id insto the port group
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