Question : Setting up new Server 2008 DC to replace existing Server 2003 DC in Parallel


I have a site that are located in a different time zone and have a new HP server to configue for them before going to site and installing.  

They currently have a 2003 Server as a DC that is part of a forest.
This server can not be taken down until the new server is in place.
The server holds data.

What is the best way for me to configure the new 2008 server without changing the NAME and static IP.

I was going to use a new server name in the workshop, join domain as member server, allocate a fixed IP with 1 digit difference and use robocopy to transfer data with all permissions.  Then when I arrive at site I will power down old server, rename new server, promote new server to DC, replicate and change fixed IP to reflect the existing DC.

Is this the correct way to do this?  This must be a pretty standard procedure for most businesses but first time for me where they must both be running prior to install date.



Answer : Setting up new Server 2008 DC to replace existing Server 2003 DC in Parallel

Most businesses I know would not preserve or worry about preserving the computer name and IP.  There should be no need if the network is setup properly.

Otherwise, I would swing it - setup a temporary DC (it can be virtual), transfer AD to that, demote the original DC, rename it and give it a new IP, then install the new server with the old name and IP.  Once installed, transfer AD from the temp DC to the new server and demote the temp DC.  Once demoted, remove it from the network and copy the files off the original server.

Though really, it's a LOT less work if you just use a new name.
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