Question : Access VBA query naming

I have an Access 2003 database that I am creating query in and exporting to an Excel file.

I want one of the fields form the query (it is the same value for every record) to be part of the file name. This is what i was trying but not working - what do I need to get the field PaymentDate in the file name

stOutputName = stOutputName & strFileName
     stOutputName = stOutputName & .Fields("PaymentDate")

Answer : Access VBA query naming


Use DLookup to grab a value from the query.

stOutputName = stOutputName & DLookup("PaymentDate", "QueryNameGoesHere")

But, if the target is actually a date, you may need to reformat it before it can be used in a file name (no slashes allowed in filenames!)

stOutputName = stOutputName & Format(DLookup("PaymentDate", "QueryNameGoesHere"), "mm-dd-yyyy")

Or use "yyyy-mm-dd" if you want the names to sort asciibetically.


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