Question : problem connecting to SMTP

I have a WIN 2003 server.  I have a SMTP server on it and now I want to connect to that mailserver from home to send a mail.  I have allowed relaying from my home IP, etc. but I can't get it to work.

Incoming mail work fine (using the built-in POP3 service on the server) but when trying to send with Outlook express I get socket error 1051 error 0x800CCC0E

Answer : problem connecting to SMTP

Open Start > Programs > Microsoft Exchange > System Manager.

Expand Administrative Groups > First Administrative Group > Servers > SMTP Backend name here > Protocols > SMTP.

Right click "Properties" on "Default SMTP Virtual Server". In "General" tab in "IP address" section press "Advanced" button. In "Advanced" window press "Add" button. Leave "(All Unassigned)" in "IP address" field and enter alternative port (for example 2525) to "TCP port" field. Press "OK" three times.
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