Question : Using a query to filter a subreport?

I already have a query and subreport that shows all columns from the lawfirms table. Nice and easy to do – but how do I create a subreport where it only shows this data table filtered by the MatchFirmSpecialisms query?

Please see attached word doc for a clear 1 page overview of my queries/tables.

Please kindly answer in relation to the details in the attached doc - otherwise I'll probably get confused!
Overview of database

Answer : Using a query to filter a subreport?

Generally in a report, you wouldn't use a filtered query, but would instead allow your report to manage that (or in your case, perhaps the Master/Child links between your subreport and it's parent).

I'm not sure of your exact report structure, but if you're trying to show all Speicalisms (shouldn't that be Specialities ;)) for a specific Firm, then if you base a Report on the table that holds the data, and relate that table back to the Parent report's Firm field (to filter the data for only the currently showing Firm) then it should work. Reports are very adept at filtering their own data, and trying to work around that can cause some issues.
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