Question : repair all system files in WIN7

Hi Experts,

I have a win7 machine running.
But also so many strange things.

Now I want to repair the win7 system. But on the boot cd I just can repair with a new image or with a new restore point or I can check the startup.

But I want to copy back all system files, how to do this ?

One time I have seen a screen where the win7 was repaired. How can I do this and repair all system files ?

I don't want a system restore point, image file or startup repair.

Answer : repair all system files in WIN7

You need to use your column names.

I don't know your table structures.  You need to get the column names from gtemp_bsc_programassignment and CDR_PROGRAMASSIGNMENT_CONV and insert them explicitly into the insert statement:

INSERT INTO cdrload.gtemp_bsc_programassignment(----INSERT YOUR COLUN NAMES HERE-----)
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