Question : Joomla CiviCRM problem

Hi Experts,

Recently we had to restore all of our files in the /doc root folder on our joomla site.  The site has CiviCRM integrated.  Now any page tied to CiviCRM on the front-end or admin side returns HTTP 500 error.

We have changed the hosting admin password which includes the mySQL admin password and after modifying the configuration.php most other DB related things work expept CiviCRM.  I have searched found about 5-10 instances of the old User/Password in various CiviCRM files and have since updated them to the new password.  Still... HTTP 500 error.  Anyone out there good with CiviCRM.. and who may know where this last config issue is lurking?

BTW, I have only restored the site files from a few days before.. the DB tables are all untouched.



Answer : Joomla CiviCRM problem


Just did a quick search, seems Phil Taylor made a little tool to hash passwords to solve an issue for people migrating from Joomla 1.0 to 1.5. It should also suit your purpose:


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