Question : Crystal reports subreport doesn't show if longer than section

I have a crystal report using VS 2005 in an web application.
The report has a details section from one table then I have another details section below it that I have inserted a sub report into. The sub report uses data from another table. When I format the subreport as on demand  it shows up perfectly when you preview and click the hyperlnk to the report. It also works fine on the site using the report viewer control.  
The problem is that when there are enough records in the subreport to cause it to go beyond one page for the main report and subreport combined it does not display if I just have it on the page without the On Demand option checked. If I use selection criteria to reduce the records so that the main report and sub report all show on one page it works just fine.

I need the sub report to show on the same page as the main report, going onto more pages if necessary without using an On Demand hyperlink option. How do I get this to work?

Answer : Crystal reports subreport doesn't show if longer than section

Is it showing on page 2?
Check the subreport format to see if you have KEEP TOGETHER set on.

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