Question : Constant BSOD on boot/install of Windows 7

Ive got new computer that i builded myself
Im getting BSOD 2 of 3 times when i try to boot my computer up
When im already fully booted into OS there no hangs or BSODs
Same BSOD happends to me if i try to do clean install of Windows 7
I use Windows 7 Ultimate x64

My computer is:
Intel i7 975 Extreme
eVGA x58 E760 Classified
Corsair H50 (CPU cooler)
Corsair Dominator 6GB 1600 MHz (2Gb x3)
Intel SSD 25M 2nd Generation (using it as OS drive)
4x WD 1Tb Caviar Black FALS (not in raid)
XFX Nvidia GTX260 Black edition

I didnt overclocked my system or anything

mini dump of crash attached (0x7e)

Help =)

Answer : Constant BSOD on boot/install of Windows 7

I think you said you were using coldfusion.  Dreamweaver has automated scripts for logging in and userauthentication but their way is expecting a database.

There is a nice tutorial for cfm here

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