Question : Special Query in Oracle 10 sqlplus


I am using oracle 10 and sqlplus. In one of my tables there is a field in which either "0" or "1" is stored. Now is it possible to construct a query that if the value of that field is "0" then query should return "1" and if the value of the field is "1" then the query should return "0".

Answer : Special Query in Oracle 10 sqlplus

If you need partitions larger than 2 TB you need to change the disk from MBR to GPT. This can only be done on an un-partitioned HD, so I would remove all partitions from it and start the 2008 installation again. You should get the options to change the disk to GPT where you select the disk and partition during installation.

Also, I wouldn't use Dynamic disks unless you have a good reason for that.
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