Question : SSIS and variable issues

Aloha I am setting up a simple test to see if I can get a variable to ork in SSIS. I have gotten it to work in a for eachloop container but now I am trying to pass a variable to a sql statement. I have declared the variable at the package level and I am trying to use the Execute SQL Task to run and see if it will work.

I get the following error

The query failed to parse. Must declare the scalar variable "@test".

I have tried @user::test @test etc but get the same error. Any properties I need to set that I am missing?
 Mahalo, Brew

Answer : SSIS and variable issues

> I want to find any communities
that is defined by the field BL.CommunityID, which is the same for up to 11 rows?

if that is the design (not really good, but anyhow), what about this start:
  SELECT B.CommunityID, Bld.BudgetDefinitionIDY 
    FROM (SELECT CommunityID FROM LCSInsight_ExtractBudgetLeads GROUP BY CommunityID ) B
    CROSS JOIN LCSInsight_ExtractBudgetLeadsDim Bld
    WHERE NOT EXISTS ( SELECT NULL FROM LCSInsight_ExtractBudgetLeads Bl
                       WHERE Bl.CommunityID = B.CommunityID
                         AND B1.BudgetDefinitionIDY = Bld.BudgetDefinitionIDY 
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