Question : Shopping for Quad-Core desktop for around $500...opinions?

I'm looking to buy a desktop computer to use for storing/simple editing of HD video, photos, Photoshop, iTunes library, online video streaming and other general internet use. I'm replacing a computer that lasted 5 years and would love to get that out of another, so here are the specs I've detailed:

- Quad Core processor (not brand-dependent)
- 1 TB hard drive
- HDMI out
- Windows 7

I'm circling a few deals from TigerDirect (via CompUSA):

Any opinions out there on these machines and/or specs? Thanks

Answer : Shopping for Quad-Core desktop for around $500...opinions?

The AMD one you picked out is refurbished.  The idea of a refurbished computer gives me chills.

So given the two you've listed I'd go with the ACER.  Only thing I really don't like about that one is the integrated graphics card.
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