Question : Imaging a RAID Setup to a Non-RAID Disk

I have a Dell Precision 5500 that has 2 WD Velociraptors in RAID 0. One of the drives in the array was starting to report failures, so I decided to do a complete imaged backup, delete the RAID array, and install a single Intel X25-m SSD. The imaging process goes fine, but as soon as I try to boot back into Windows I get a BSOD. Booting in Safe Mode, the system crashes while loading acpitabl.dat. Am I going to have to run the exact same drives, off the exact same RAID controller to recover my imaged backup? I always thought manufacturers made imaging to new hard drives easy, so you'd have more incentive to get a bigger/faster drive. Thanks for any advice.

Answer : Imaging a RAID Setup to a Non-RAID Disk

With your imaged backup, Windows is expecting the RAID controller to be providing the disk I/O.  Now, you are not on that controller, so you need to provide Windows the correct drivers for the new controller.  You can do a repair install of Windows to do this, or if you are comfortable, you can do it from the recovery console.  Reply if you want more info on this procedure.

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