Question : Pass multiple values for one parameter via OpenQuery

I have the following query that works fine when there is only one value for the parameter @status.  I need, however, to be able to pass two values for @status.  

declare @linkedserver varchar(1000)
set @linkedserver = 'servername'

declare @strsql varchar(1000)
set @strsql  = 'select name, room, title, start_date, status
from table1
where status IN (''''' + @status + ''''')
order by status room'')'

declare @openquery varchar(1000)

create table #namestatus
(  name varchar(60),
room float,
title varchar(60),
start_date datetime,
status varchar(15)

set @OPENQUERY = ' insert into #namestatus select * from openquery(' + @LinkedServer + ','''

--print @OPENQUERY + @strsql
exec(@OPENQUERY + @strsql)

Please help, have played around and searched all over and can't find quite what I need - each path has ended up at dead end.

Answer : Pass multiple values for one parameter via OpenQuery

Those files are just cab files with a different extension... so rename to cab.
You can't really do changes.

stp is a list/web template file... contains xml + other files.
wsp is a solution file contains >1 xml + dll + other files.
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