Question : The location of default.aspx in a website

Hello experts,

I am studying "Wrox instant results". The book comes with a number of websites on a CD and I am trying to run the site in chapter 4: Wrox SurveyEngine.
The setup file installed the website in C:\Inetpub\wwwroot.
I expected the Default.aspx file to be in the root of the directory, but it's saved in a folder named contentFiles which is inside a folder called SurveyEngine.
In short I tried loading  the website in the browser using the following address:
but the browser can't find the site..... I followed the dircetion of the book in setting up the site and in trying to load it with no success.... any suggestions.?

Answer : The location of default.aspx in a website

Sam654 this problem is with win update not related to and hardware it's famous problem with windows update but if he uses XP SP2 and upgraded IE7 to IE8 with standalone as I used to that will work for him then he can install updates to windows

but becareful there is security update for IE cause this problem to it's (KB947864)

by the way this problem can be caused if you have firewall or antivirus
if all of the above didn't work try to uninstall your antivirus and if internet works install it again and see what happens
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