Question : Need to reinstall OS on a laptop

I have a T-1631 Notebook with damaged CD-ROM drive TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS-L632H (it wont read any cd'or dvd's )
the laptop is running the latest version of bios available (as far as I can tell), phoenixbios 90.03, a version that has no USB boot support.

The error at the startup is BootMGR is missing , Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart

My options are at this point:
1) Contact Gateway support (have submitted an inquiry just now)
2) Replace damaged CD-ROM with a working one. Not sure what models would suit set up that I have (T-1631 Notebook ). Maybe someone here can help me with that
3) Find out more about realtek boot agent (one out of three available options I have boot (hard drive/cdrom/realtek boot agent. Also hoping someone here could explain to me about this boot agent.
4) Move hard drive to another system and install OS

Of course I'd like to keep the files that I have on this laptop before reinstalling OS

Answer : Need to reinstall OS on a laptop

Your notebook is not so old and should boot from usb flash. You can check it. Insert any flash in switched off notebook. Power on. Press F10 on start screen. Boot menu shouldbe opened. Select HDD drive (or anything like it). Press enter - there should be possible to boot from your flash drive. Also it should be possible select in bios your flash as first boot HDD.
You can download Microsoft Windows 7 USB DVD download tool and prepare flash from iso image:
¿r follow these recommendations:
External USB DVD will also work in you computer without any problems.
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